Enviroboards is our sister Company
Specialist in passive fire protection

We also endorse Magma Firestop

Magma Firestop SG-2H
External Fire retardant spray for thatch. It is environmentally friendly and has no detrimental effect on
plants nor animals. Magma Firestop offers an 'A' rating for Spread of Flame and a 'B' rating for
penetration under BS 476 Part 3

Magma Firestop IMW-435
Fire retardant impregnation liquid for interior usage. The materials to be treated can either be
dipped or sprayed with low pressure equipment

Magma Firestop TG-3
Formulated for outdoor application. This product will not only penetrate a wood surface, but also
creates weathertight adhesion bond

Understanding Thatch Fire Protection

The main types of fire barrier protection for Thatched properties fall into three basic categories:

Flexible fireproof membrane
Fireboard (fireproof barrier board)
Individual fireproof insulation slabs (Rockwool)

All three types are marketed by a range of specialist companies, under different names and prices, and
yet within each category those products on sale are essentially the same, and all compliant with relevant
British Standard tests.

When it comes to Thatching a property, Thatch Protect recognises that the investment can be substantial,
particularly where fire protection is required. We are pleased to offer our range of protection at the most
competitive prices; our products comply with current Building Regulations, plus the “Dorset Model”
(the acknowledged guide to planning requirements for thatched properties).

In addition, Thatch Protect can provide Independent advice to Builders, Surveyors , Architects and
property owners on matters relating to building regulations, technical advice for new builds and
extensions, re-thatching and U-Values for thatch. Our Range of Fire Protection includes the following.


Thatch Flexi (1 hour rated) Data Sheet (PDF)
A lightweight glass fibre fabric, coated both sides with a
polyurethane polymer containing micronised aluminium, provides one hour fire barrier, when fixed between the thatch and roof construction

£339.00 per roll + delivery and VAT
Thatch Barrier Board (1 hour rated) Data Sheet (PDF)
An environmentally friendly magnesium oxide multipurpose
boarding panel offering up to 2 hours fire resistance

£19.50 per sheet + delivery and VAT
For oil tank protection and internal and external applications
please follow this link
Thatch Insulation Batts Data Sheet (PDF)
Are non-combustible high quality resin bonded lightweight
rock wool slabs, designed to provide fire protection to the
underside of thatched roofs.

Pack of 12 slabs - £24.95 + delivery and VA
Natural Thatch Tiles Data Sheet (PDF)
Made from natural heather, our tiles create a traditional thatch roof effect on all kinds of construction.

Box of 10 tiles - £79.00 + VAT and Delivery

To place an order please call 08455 20 30 44

Our products are recognised by the NFU Mutual Insurance Co Ltd. If you have Thatch Flexi,
Thatch Barrier Board or Thatch Insulation Batts installed in the roof of your thatched home then
you will be entitled to a reduction in your insurance premium. Please contact your insurance
advisor for details.

To obtain this you must supply a copy of the completed works certificate.